Cambridge – Hi-tech capital of the UK

Where is it?

The city of Cambridge is located 50 miles north of London in East Anglia and marks the entry point to the area of east Anglia known as the Fens, a flat fertile area famous for the growing of vegetables. This location has led to the city and its surrounding area becoming known as ‘Silicon Fen’, a title which refers to the city now becoming famous for its hi-tech computer software and bio-science businesses.

A brief history
The history of Cambridge can be traced back to pre-historic times and the settlement has grown steadily over several thousands of years with the help of the Romans, Vikings and Normans, all of whom had a hand in its development into the vibrant place that it is today. The famous University was founded in 1209 and has grown to be one of the top five universities in the world. It is the basis of the city’s present day success as the ‘go to’ destination for many of the world’s top hi-tech and science companies.

What to do?
As you might expect Cambridge offers many diverse activities and opportunities. The city is home to several famous venues such as The Arts Theatre, originally home to the famous Footlights Revue which itself has been the starting point for many famous comedians. The Corn Exchange and the Junction regularly host major pop and rock acts from around the world, whilst the Cambridge Folk Festival is an annual attraction for thousands of fans. Rowing is a major sport for both townsfolk and university students. Based on the River Cam the University Light Blues Team compete annually against Oxford in the Boat Race held in London on the River Thames. Punting, using flat- bottomed boats propelled with a pole, is also a major activity on the River Cam which runs through the middle of the city. Cricket is played on Parker’s Piece and at Fenners cricket ground and the city boasts football and rugby teams both of which compete at National level. The arts are also well catered for and Kettles Yard gallery is world renown. There is certainly plenty to do in Cambridge!

Where to visit?
With so much to do in the city itself it may be difficult to find the time to visit elsewhere. However should you wish to there are plenty of places to explore when you’re based in Cambridge. London is a mere 50 minutes by train, the Imperial War Museum at Duxford makes for an excellent day out, Ely with its famous Cathedral is under 20 miles away and there are a choice of seaside destinations with 50-60 miles.

What else do I need to know?
Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places to live in the UK with its almost endless choice of activities and facilities. The shopping too is fabulous with a vast choice of retail possibilities from national chains and department stores to high-end designer outlets. Cambridge boasts a wide choice of restaurants and pubs at all price points. Of course the educational facilities in Cambridge are exemplary at all levels and the city boasts many fine schools in addition to its two universities.

What’s next?
For the property investor or buyer Cambridge presents a sizeable challenge. The demand for property for sale in Cambridge is currently running at record levels due to the city’s desirability as a place to live and work. Houses and flats to rent in Cambridge are hard to find whilst houses to buy in Cambridge are equally difficult to source. Potential buyers, renters and investors will need expert help in order to fulfil their property ambitions and at CXG we can help. Our extensive network of industry contacts give us unique access to opportunities and deals which are just not available to everyone. Why not talk to us, tell us what you need and let us set you on the road to Cambridge property ownership or tenancy.

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